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Identity theft is a growing problem for millions of individuals, organizations, and corporations. This form of crime can cost the victim thousands of dollars in losses and wreak havoc on their credit rating. It can also leave the victim feeling violated and vulnerable.

And while there are many ways to protect oneself from this type of crime, one simple step involves document shredding. Document shredding converts private information into tiny fragments that can no longer be traced back to you or anyone else.

In this article, we’ll explore several benefits of shredding containers that you may not have been aware of before.


What Are Document Shredding Containers?

Document shredding is the process of physically destroying documents, papers, or other materials containing personal identifying information. It is vital to keep your documents in a secure location until it is time to shred them. You can utilize a container for shredding to do just that. 

Document shredding containers are made of heavy-duty plastic, durable, and resistant to weather conditions. They have a locking mechanism that keeps out unauthorized users. Some of these containers are fire-resistant and waterproof, which means they are suitable in various environments. 

These containers for shredding have a high-density bottom to prevent them from tipping over when full. They are also portable, so you can move them around as needed to keep them secure in different areas of your home or office space.


What Do Document Shredding Containers Do?

One of the safest ways to protect your information is by shredding your documents before you discard them. Document shredding containers are a great way to keep your privacy secure.

They can also be used to store documents until they are ready to be shredded. As a result, you can keep your confidential information in one place with document shredding containers.


Benefits of Documents Shredding Containers

Whether you are concerned about identity theft through mishandling personal papers or just want to participate in keeping your community litter free, there are many reasons why getting a document shredding service with a container is a wise decision.

A few benefits of using these containers include:

  •   Deters theft of sensitive information
  •   Keep sensitive information out of sight
  •   Provides one location for documents to be stored until they are ready to be shredded
  •   No more throwing documents into trash cans


Different Types of Document Shredding Containers

Depending on your demands and how well it complements the rest of your current office setting, there are various types of document shredding containers to pick from.


19 Gallon Mini-Executive Console

19 gallon mini-executive console

One of the safest storage units of its size on he market is the 19 Gallon Mini-Executive Shredding Console. It has an anti-pry mechanism and a self-closing lock with a metal striker. It is typically employed in offices with limited space. The majority of office desks in the area fit this container perfectly.

Container Size:

  •       Dimensions: 24" H X 
  •       21" W X 16" D 
  •       Weight: 43 pounds
  •       Max Load: 50 pounds


32 Gallon Office Console

32 gallon office console

A metal striker self-closing lock and anti-pry mechanisms are included with this safe 32-gallon office console for added security. This shredder bin is set aside for a single office or a group of offices, and several employees often utilize it in the exact business location.

Container Size:

  •       Dimensions: 36" H X 
  •       21" W X 16" D 
  •       Weight: 48 pounds
  •       Max Load: 70 pounds 


65 Gallon Secure Container

65 gallon secure container

This 65-gallon shredding container is suitable for businesses or organizations that shred a moderate to large amount of paper. It has installed wheels underneath, making it simple to maneuver around the office.

Container Size:

  •       Dimensions: 42" H X 
  •       26" W X 26.5" D 
  •       Weight: 38 pounds
  •       Max Load: 250 pounds 


170 Gallon Container

170 gallon container

This 170 Gallon Container, which has a mid-capacity, is perfect for shredding a continuous volume of material. Companies with a large volume of records ready for disposal typically employ it. It has six wheels to make moving it simple.

Container Size:

  •       Dimensions: 38" H X 
  •       29" W X 43" D 
  •       Weight: 73 pounds
  •       Max Load: 500 pounds


3-Yard Bin

3-yard bin

For businesses with higher shredding volumes, this 3-Yard Bin high-capacity shredding container is employed. It has four wheels so that you may move it around quickly. It has a large volume capacity and can hold a lot of shredded paper.

Container Size:

  •       Dimensions: 60" H X 
  •       72" W X 42" D 
  •       Weight: 270 pounds
  •       Max Load: 2000 pounds


Not all containers are created equal, so make sure you do your homework before purchasing one for your business or home.


What You Should and Shouldn't Put Into Shredding Containers?

Any physical printouts, including letters, official papers, and medical records that contain your private information, can be shredded. On saving essential documents, it is advised to double-check these documents before shredding them.

Some office items should never be put into your shredding containers. These include staples, paper clips, ink cartridges, and even food. These things can clog up your machinery and can cause harm or damage to your container and shredding machine.

Knowing what to put and not to put into your shredding containers will protect you from identity theft and save you time and money.


Interested in Document Shredding Containers?

If privacy is something that is important to you and/or if there are certain things about your business that need to remain confidential, then using a document shredder is essential. Document shredding is a great way to protect your clients and yourself from the dangers of identity theft. You never know when a hacker will break in and try to steal personal information, so it is crucial to make sure your documents are destroyed.

If you are looking for document shredding services, call The Shredders at 1 (800) 222-2044 or submit a contact form for a free quote. You can check out the different shredding containers that best suit your needs. We can provide you with a secure container for shredding at an affordable price.