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Paper Shredding

Los Angeles

Your copies of sensitive documents face the same risk as those in your digital storage. One of the easiest ways for identity theft to occur is through accessing your data after you've improperly disposed of it, which means that securely disposing of sensitive documents when you no longer need them is essential practice. That is why we offer the perfect solution; document shredding in Los Angeles.


If you are in need of document shredding, Los Angeles is home to The Shredders. You don't have to be fearful of where your information will end up when you work with us. We offer residential and commercial paper shredding in Los Angeles. We will pick up your sensitive materials and thoroughly shred your confidential information to confetti-sized particles at our location for your peace of mind.

Destroying Confidential Documents

and Protecting Your Data

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In today's digital age, many companies and individuals place increased emphasis on protecting their websites, emails, and cloud storage. However, confidential physical documents can be even more extremely important for the security of your business/company. We understand that your information should be protected from unauthorized access, so if you are in need of document shredding in Los Angeles, get in touch with us today to schedule a pickup with The Shredders.


The standard practice for many established companies is document shredding in Los Angeles, and we are here to help you do just that. We've got the right equipment to completely destroy your papers and ensure that your information is securely shredded. To add to your confidence, we pick up and transport the documents in our secure vehicles, so you won't even need to leave your office or home!

Services Brought to Your Locations

Small businesses and individuals usually don't have their own shredders at home or in the office. You may never had a need for it, and it has such a singular purpose that many see it as a superfluous investment.


The next option is to visit a document shredding company in Los Angeles, but that means traveling and getting stuck in traffic. Transporting your documents can make them more vulnerable to theft, and it's overall a waste of time. We understand that time is money when it comes to business.


Then there's us, your premier service for document shredding in Los Angeles!

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

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The movement for recycling has remained strong over the years, so you might be tempted to just hand out your documents to a materials recovery facility. Our advice? Don't do that - that's not only a waste of energy, but it's also one of the best ways to get your information stolen. It's better to have shredders destroy the papers before they are sent to recyclers.


While bringing your paper to a materials recovery facility is good for the environment, that still takes effort. Our team at The Shredders will help make it easier. Once we're done destroying your documents, the material is sent to a recycling mill. This is part of our mission to provide eco-friendly solutions to our clients, no matter how small or big they may be. If you're curious about how the process works, we'll gladly answer your questions.

Other Reasons for Shredding Your Documents

Security isn't the only reason why you need to get rid of paper waste. Here are other reasons why having piles of paper isn't good practice:


  • Legal Ramifications: Having client information lying around could be considered a breach of contract or information security.


  • Takes Up Space: Piles of paper will not only occupy space that you could otherwise use for more productive purposes. You also don't want to look like a hoarder when customers or visitors visit your premises; make a better first impression by disposing of unneeded papers.

Schedule an Appointment for

Document Shredding Los Angeles

When in need of document shredding services in Los Angeles for your personal or business papers, The Shredders are here to help! We offer cost-effective solutions no matter how small or big the task is. Wherever you are in Los Angeles, we’ll come to you and pick up your sensitive documents. To schedule an appointment, please contact us today!


There are many ways you can get free shredding services. Contact us, and we will tell you about the available options for you.