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Product Destruction

Even successful businesses may have products that need to be shredded securely. When they get product recalls, they must be extremely careful with disposing of defective or outdated items. Otherwise, they risk competitors getting ahold of their products. Similarly, unsellable items can damage a company's reputation. As such, businesses must treat any unwanted item as classified materials that need proper disposal.

Product Destruction Services

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To prevent items from falling into the wrong hands, you need a dedicated product destruction business to securely dispose of these items. At The Shredders, we provide secure and compliant solutions for destroying sensitive materials. Here’s a closer look into our secure product destruction services.


Product Destruction: What Is It and Why Do I Need It?


Product destruction is an essential service for businesses that produce sensitive material waste. From shredding confidential documents to destroying sensitive computer hard drives, we can shred it all. Perhaps your business develops trademarked prototypes or you need to get rid of customer data that you no longer need. Simply tossing them in the trash for your local garbage service to collect risks exposing your businesses to competitors or criminals.


To avoid having your information used against you, you will need product destruction services to securely take care of these confidential materials. Whether you are destroying recalled, outdated, or confidential products, you need a team to help you achieve your goal. Get in touch with our sensitive product-destroying experts at The Shredders to discuss your needs.

What Kinds of Products Do We Destroy?


You can count on us to safely dispose of any sensitive waste, including:


  • Unsaleable Items: These items include packaged products that are not meant for sale. Perhaps the product is not meant for consumers, rather it is for business partner testing or educational purposes.


  • Prototypes and Samples: Once consumer product research has concluded, surplus development materials will need proper disposal to avoid competitors sampling them and creating similar items.


  • Obsolete Products: Whether an item is no longer in production or it is expired, these items need to be destroyed safely.


  • Contraband Items: You may end up with counterfeit materials after they get seized or confiscated. These illegal materials will need to undergo special disposal methods ensuring they do not make a comeback.


  • Data-Bearing Materials: Any items or devices that have stored customer data need to be disposed of correctly. These products include paper documents.

These are only some of the possible items that businesses will need to destroy securely. If you have other proprietary items or recalled products that need disposal, get in touch with our representatives to determine your best solution.

How Do We Securely Destroy Products?


The Shredders values your privacy in destroying your products. We understand the importance of maintaining a positive reputation on the market so we use top-of-the-line equipment to destroy your items beyond recognition. Whether your items need shredders or balers for complete disposal, you can count on us to adjust to your needs.


We understand that you have unique needs for disposing of specific materials. As such, we take time to listen to your situation and craft a plan for destroying your certain products. Depending on what you want, we can crush anything before sending it to another facility or completely dispose of a product, leaving no trace whatsoever.


The Shredders Difference


We have years of experience in the product destruction industry. Our team has been helping businesses across Southern California shred and bale any product that no longer serves their business’s purposes.


Our team is fully equipped to work with you in collecting the materials that require safe disposal. We can pick up your items in bulk and take them to our facility, or you can bring them directly to us.


Either way, we understand the importance of taking care of your items in the most secure way. As such, you can leave all your product destruction needs to our seasoned professionals without worrying about any information leaking. Once the shredding has been completed, we will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction to verify that all items have been properly disposed of.


In addition, the National Association for Information Destruction granted us AAA-Certification for our comprehensive services. This body endorses us for destroying consumer products, printed media, and physical hard drives properly. Maintain top security with The Shredders!


Reliable Product Destruction Services in Southern California


The Shredders is your best bet to securely dispose of your products and sensitive items. Discuss your needs with our seasoned professionals today and discover how we can help you!


Certain products contain valuable information and designs that must not fall into the wrong hands. Some products are also unsellable, requiring destruction.

The safest way to destroy sensitive data is to work with a certified and seasoned product destruction service provider like The Shredders.